On demand programming, specialized applications

You are missing essencial tool for your business? You want to ease your workflow but don't have the proper software? Do you have special demands on software? You are using obsolete application and new version is not available?

Our speciality is on-demand software development and bespoke applications. Thanks to our cooperation with experts from local universities we can develop solutions demanding advanced algorithms, scientific approach and computation intensive data processing.

We are not afraid of unorthodox approach. We constantly observe trends and technologies to keep us up to date.

We can rebuild your obsolete applications to meet your current needs. Maybe you still use some old DOS software just because there is no replacement. Let us help you. We can develop bespoke software just to fit your needs.

Our experts are capable in advanced data analysis, parallel processing, statistical and numerical methods, so we can fulfill your challenging needs.

Dont change your business just because you don't have the software you need. We will bring you the right tools!

Our programmers working hard